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"Nothing else out there with the quality and consistency of Outstanding Seed Company, LLC hybrids. We honesty love all of your products. Keep up the great work, guys."

Don from Connecticut

 "Your pumpkins are night and day compared to others. You have better yield, better handles, and better disease resistance ... I'm not going to bother planting anything but your hybrids from now on."

Roger from Wisconsin

"I was able to double my pumpkin sales with Outstanding Seed Company, LLC hybrids"

Bob from Washington

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Expertise: What Sets Us Apart From Other Commercial Seed Companies

Celebrating Ten Years of Excellence.

We do one thing. And we do it very well. We breed and produce perhaps the best pumpkin hybrids in America. Our work is not work. It is a passion. It is who we are. It is what we do. Our customers see the results of this passion in our products and hear it in our voices. Read the testimonials. They speak the truth of our passion.

Outstanding Seed is a research based company that breeds, produces, and markets classically bred, disease resistant, hybrid pumpkin seed for sale to commercial vegetable growers and seed dealers. Our highly experienced professionals have a personal interest in your success. Many customers express great appreciation for the unique service delivered by Outstanding Seed and many customers also express great appreciation for the dialogue with Outstanding Seed.


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8880 Pumpkin | Commercial Seed Companies
8880 F1 Pumpkin 
*New for 2015*
8878 Pumpkin | Commercial seed companies

8878 F1 Pumpkin
*New for 2015*

Apogee Pumpkin | Commercial Seed Companies

Apogee F1 Pumpkin


Summit Pumpkin | Commercial Seed Companies

Summit F1 Pumpkin


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